(Revised 07/11/2012)

  • Lift Rating........ 3500 lbs. fully extended
  • Tow Rating......... 7800 lbs.
  • Fully extended stage stinger allows - - Retraction to under the bumper (8 ft. bed truck) creating a receiver hitch look, then extending to 72" beyond the bumper.
  • Three-function hydraulic system performs a 5-stage operation including labor-free wheel hook-up.
  • Patent No. 4,678,392
  • Engine-mounted, belt-driven hydraulic cluch pump kit
  • 12-volt electric hydraulic pump
  • Air suspension kit
  • Wireless radio signal remote control

              The Sneeker Wheel Lift was originally designed for a tow truck application. A few months later, it began appearing on dually pickup trucks around the country. The non-tow truck look is very appealing to repossession contractors because the lift is virtually undetectable. Before we knew it, we were being bombarded with requests for dually pickup applications.
              The number of requests grew at a rapid pace. We then decided to make some modifications in the wheel lift to better fit dually pickups. The wheel lift had to be lengthened 7 inches in the extension boom to accommodate the long bed length of the pickup. The 14-inch longer length of the pickup bed in the rear, with the high, square fenders, dictated that the vehicle must be towed father away from the rear axle. This added distance will naturally create more downward leverage behind the axle, which will have a tendency to lighten the front wheels a little more than in a normal tow truck situation. Please be aware that this will affect your steering and braking ability. Extended cab and crew cab trucks will obviously be more stable up front because the extra length forward of the rear axle will help counterbalance the rear.
              Stabilizing the rear suspension is a must do!! Adding a couple of extra main springs on each side, with an in-cab controlled adjustable air bag system, will work miracles in stabilizing the front end. We strongly recommend this approach for we have found it to be, by far, the best solution available.
              Next, we were concerned about the pickup truck framework being, in most cases, a little lighter than chassis cab frames. Hy-Tech strongly recommends a truck no lighter than a 1 ton, preferably dual rear wheel trucks for this application. Unless reinforced in strategic places, the pickup frame is more susceptible to bending or breaking than the chassis cab frame. A number of users have chosen not to reinforce their frames. Some of these users were obviously careful not to overload the ability of the truck and their frames held up, but some were not so lucky. Hy-Tech Recovery Equipment, Inc. recommends reinforcing the pickup framework with whatever adequate method you chose.
              Although we are always concerned about damage to any user's truck, Hy-Tech Recovery Equipment, Inc. will not be liable for frame damage or any damage caused by it, whether you choose to reinforce your frame or not. If you choose to install a Sneeker in a pick-up style dually truck, we urge you to learn the limitations of your truck and operate sensibly within them. We at Hy-Tech Recovery Equipment, Inc. are always concerned with your safety and the safety of others. Please proceed safely and enjoy your Sneeker.

    Tom Fox

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