• Non-"tow truck" look with no boom in sight
  • The under-bed lift allows vehicles to be retracted over the rear of bed (closer to rear axle) for less front end lift and safer handling
  • Center trough with 2 5/16" gooseneck ball for trailer lowing and transporting ability
  • Uni-body construction
  • Integrated 11-gallon hydraulic reservoir
  • Deck-mounted driver side tool box
  • Center access door for wheel lift maintenance
  • Mud flaps, body lights, and mounting hardware
  • Low profile styling allows maximum visibility
  • WHEEL LIFT (HTL 4000)
  • Lift rating ................. 4000 Ibs. fully extended
  • Tow rating ................ 7800 Ibs.
  • Fully hydraulic three stage stinger allows:
  •    Retraction to within 7 inches of the tailboard
  •    Extension to 65 inches beyond the tailboard
  • Three-function hydraulic system performs a 5-stage operation including labor-free wheel hook-up
  • Designed for new as well as retrofit applications
  • Belt-driven, inline-mounted hydraulic clutch pump
  • Air suspension kit
  • 12-volt electric hydraulic pump
  • Passenger side tool box
  • Wireless radio signal remote control
  • Tow lights
  • Light bar                           Patent No. 4,678,392

    The heart of the Hy-Tech damage-free lowing system is the patented 3-stage HTL-4000 wheel lift unit. The HTL-4000 extends 65" beyond the tailboard and retracts to within 7" of the tailboard The unmatched extension and retraction of the HTL-4000 takes the guesswork out of vehicle positioning. It also allows full use of the tow sling without lowering the wheel lift. The hydraulically operated towbar eliminates ever having to lay in the mud, ice, or snow to adjust and attach "L" arms to the vehicle being towed. The entire operation of picking up a vehicle can be done without ever leaving the tailboard of your wrecker. The HTL-4000 wheel lift offers the tower a quick, easy, efficient, profitable, and damage-free lowing system - READY TODAY!

    NOTE: The HTL-4000 wheel lift will retro-fit to any existing wrecker.

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