Hy-Tech Recovery Equipment, Inc

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Hy-Tech Recovery Equipment, Inc. is a small business located on the north side of Fort Worth, Texas. The current President of the company is Mr. Thomas Fox. Hy-Tech was created in about 1988 as an Original Equipment Manufacturer ("O.E.M.") to manufacture and deliver the Sneeker system and to service the recovery industry with spare parts and modules. Sneeker advertisements are continually included in certain national trade magazines such as TOW TIMES.

The Sneeker wheel lift was born and named to indicate its features and benefits which include the hidden nature of the mounted unit and the inability of the general public to identify a Sneeker as a recovery unit or tow truck. While a Hy-Tech Sneeker obviously reduces the installed impact on the design lines and aerodynamics of any truck or wrecker, the true hidden value is in the ease and speed of use and its reduced visibility and recognition as a "TOW TRUCK".                                                     


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